K. C. Industries, LLC (KCI) owns and operates a chemical manufacturing facility located in Mulberry, Florida, USA.


The plant was built by Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation (KACC) and began producing Sodium Fluorosilicate (SFS) in 1957 as a raw material to manufacture aluminum.


The product is sometimes referred to as Sodium Silicofluoride or Sodium Fluorosilicate.


KACC operated the plant until 1999, then sold it to KC Industries, LLC. The new company, KCI, has improved the operation as a stand-alone chemical manufacturer, developed new products, and generated a firm commitment to the inorganic fluoride industry. With a 30,000 tpy capacity, the plant is a world class SFS facility using advanced manufacturing techniques.

KC Industries’ Sodium Fluorosilicate is ANSI/NSF 60 certified for use in water treatment and meets all AWWA specifications. SFS for customers with special requirements is also available.

Our products are typically packaged in 50 lb or 25 kg bags and super sacks. Bulk shipments as well as other package sizes are available.

Due to its strategic central Florida location, KCI is able to offer reliable supply to both local and international customers.